On Reservation
Are there any extra costs after booking or upon arrival at the apartment? Is final cleaning and consumption included in the price?
In addition to the tourist tax required by the City of Venice, there is no additional cost
How is the check-in procedure done?
7/10 days before arrival you will receive a link (via email or whatsapp) with the online check-in procedure to record the documents of all people staying in the apartment, to be made in the days before arrival. You can also pay the tourist tax and sign the lease for the apartment. The registration of persons staying is now mandatory
About the apartment
Is the apartment equipped with sheets and towels?
Yes, of course. You will find prepared beds and a basket with towels for all guests
Is it possible to cook in an apartment?
Of course. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens. Near the apartment you will find supermarkets and shops
Is the water drinkable?
Yes, of course. In Venice the tap water is very good
On the day of arrival
Where can I park my car?
Public car parks are in Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto. In both cases, you can easily reach all our apartments by public transport (“vaporetto”)
I arrive in Venice by plane, car, train or cruise. How do I get to the apartment?
In the “transport” section you will find all the necessary information according to the apartment chosen and the modes of arrival in Venice. For all modes you will find information to reach the most convenient stop to reach the apartment. After completing the online check-in, we will send you a map with the most convenient pedestrian path to get to the apartment
Is it possible to arrive very late at night?
Yes, there is no problem
About the life of the city
Can you recommend restaurants? and museums? Where can I find the Wi-Fi password? Do you have contacts for a luggage carrier or a private taxi?
In the apartment you will find a notebook with all the required information, in several languages
What should we do if we hear high water sirens? how can we find out?
In the notebook of the apartment, in several languages, you will find all the necessary information to understand the phenomenon and to know how to behave in case of high water